Add chat and video to your JomSocial site

ArrowChat lets your users text and video chat with each other. Install chat in minutes on top of your existing JomSocial website.

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Social communication between users

ArrowChat is designed with user-to-user communication in mind. Enable your users to chat on every page of your website.

Chat on your website


Automatically integrates into JomSocial

  • User Login

    Our chat will automatically log in your JomSocial users when they log into your site.

  • Username

    Usernames are retrieved and displayed with full support for other languages in UTF-8.

  • Profile Links

    ArrowChat will get a user's profile link and conveniently provide the link for other users.

  • Avatars

    Our chat software will automagically determine the avatar system and display a user's avatar.

  • Friends List

    The online list of users will update as a user adds and removes friends from their list.

  • Group Permissions

    From our admin panel, you can restrict features within ArrowChat based on a user's group.


Connect on any device, from any location

ArrowChat includes a version tailored specifically for mobile devices. A user visiting your site on a mobile device will be able to pop-up the chat right within your page.

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Mobile chat for your website

Change settings with a few clicks

With our fully-featured administration panel, you can change colors, settings, view logs, and much more.

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Chat Windows

No recurring subscriptions that you forget about, ArrowChat is a one-time fee



Video chat with users on desktop and mobile

ArrowChat has and Vonage support built-in, so your users can video chat with each other on a desktop and a mobile device.

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Video chat for your website

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